How to integrate Group Collector with Active Campaign

In this tutorial, I will show you how to integrate Active Campaign with Group Collector.

Go to Group Collector Dashboard and Click Add or Change Button in the Autoresponder Column for the group that you want to integrate.

From the Select Autoresponder dropdown, select Active Campaign, and now you have to enter your API Path, API Key and List Id.

In your Active Campaign Dashboard, go to Settings -> Developer. Copy the URL value from Active Campaign and paste it in the API Path on Group Collector Dashboard. Copy the KEY value from Active Campaign and paste it in the API Key on Group Collector Dashboard. Active Campaign API Path and Key In Active Campaign, go to Lists and select the list where you want the contacts to be added by clicking on the list name. Your URL would like something like this: Copy the number after listid= which is 1 in this case. Now paste it in the List Id in the Group Collector Dashboard.

Click on the Verify and Update Button to save your credentials.

Active Campaign has now been successfully integrated. Now your New Group Members Emails will be pushed automatically to the Active Campaign List.

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